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Basics of Art Ages 4-6


$480 yearly or $25 a month


48 Weeks


About the Course

This Course will consist of 48 weeks of courses. These courses will be split up into 12 months of having 1 class a week. Each class will be an hour long on Monday Evenings from 1:30pm until 2:30Pm. The class will be held at Momma Done Gone Crafty LLC at 395 Main Street, Gauley Bridge WV 25085. Your child will learn the basics of watercolors, lines, shapes, the color wheel, the basics of drawing, the basics of painting, how to mix secondary colors from primary colors, and the basics of sculpting.

Snacks and drinks will be provided for the little artists each week, keeps the hangry at bay and allows the creativity to flow.

Every week your little artist will create a work of art that displays both an element and principle of art.

Throughout the course your little artist will have quite the collection to start their own art gallery, 48 pieces of art to be exact. Some pieces will be sent home, and some will be kept until the end of the course. The art pieces kept will be displayed at the End of The Year MDGC ART IS THERAPY GALA. Artwork will be displayed by all age groups and artists taking the yearly course. A dinner will be provided for the little artist and family (5 guests per artist free admission) , tickets to event will be available for purchase for family and friends closer to event time. Art will be displayed and your little artist will be given the option to keep their works of art or auction them off at the gala.

All supplies needed for the course will be provided by Momma Ash to use at the Creation Station.

Each little artist will receive a traveling art bag from Momma Ash, this art bag will contain all the art supplies needed to complete the art assignments sent home over the week. (These aren't required, but will help keep your little artist 's creativity flowing and helps to practice the techniques learned at art class.) I do however ask that the bag comes back each week for art class.

Your Instructor

Momma Ash

Hey everybody, My name is Ashley, I am a mom of four kiddos and little Picassos. I am a self taught artist that has been slinging paint vividly for the last 34 years. I am a person who believes that art is therapy. And art therapy excludes no age limit, art allows us to express many things, emotions, imagination and so much more. Little brains are sponges is a phrase I've often heard, many say a prodigy picks up playing piano like Beethoven at the age of three. If a three year old can learn to play Chops , then I say let the little Picassos pick up a brush and learn the basics of art that they can carry with them along the way.

Momma Ash
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